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EP Nylon Rubber Conveyor Belt


Conveyor Belt

We supply nylon rubber conveyor belts, and the conveyor rubber belting supply can be delivery on time, and our conveyor belt material is rubber, nylon, fabric, steel cord, and so on. And because we are rubber belting factory & company , we can supply you rubber conveyor belt price at Ex-factory price, and typs of rubber rubber conveyor belts can be supply as follow, classify from specifications, materials, industrial applications, etc. Conveyor belts is a composite product of rubber, fiber and metal, or a composite product of plastic and fabric, which is used to carry and transport materials in the belt conveyor belt. Conveyor belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other industries where the conveying distance is short and the conveying capacity is small. Belt conveyor is widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industry to transport all kinds of solid block and powder like materials or finished articles. The conveyor belt can be transported continuously, efficiently and with a large angle. The conveyor belt is safe to operate, easy to use, easy to maintain and low in freight. It can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost and save manpower and material resources. And our company of rubber conveyor belts is replacement conveyor belt, recycled rubber conveyor belts.

1. Applications of China EP Nylon Rubber Conveyor Belt

EP/nylon conveyor belt is suitable for transporting lump, granular, powdery materials of normal temperature, non-corrosion in general conditions. It is widely used in metallurgy, construction materials, wharf, mining industries.

2. Specification nylon conveyor belt

Fabric TypeFabric StructureFabric SpecsFabric ply No.Belt width (mm)Length (m)Cover Thickness (mm)
Polyester (EP)Polyester (E)Polyamide (P)EP1002-6400-22005-5002-121.5-6

3. Physical Properties of rubber belting Cover (before aging)

GradeTensile Strength/Mpa ≥Breaking Elongation/% ≥Abrasion Loss/mm3 ≤


Grade H-used for transporting sharp, abrasive materials which can damage belts badly.

Grade D-used for transporting highly abrasive materials.

Grade L-used for transporting medium-abrasion materials.

After-aging properties of rubber cover(70℃, 7days):

Tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not lower than 75% of before-aging values.

4. Full-thickness Tensile Properties of conveyor belt manufacturing

a. Longitudinal tensile strength, not less than the below table. (N/mm)

Nominal belt type160200250315400500630

b. Full thickness, longitudinal elongation at reference force, not more than 4%.

c. Ply adhesion:

ItemPly to plyRubber cover to ply
Rubber cover thickness ≤1.5mmRubber cover thickness >1.5mm
All samples average value/ (N/mm) ≥
All samples min peak value/ (N/mm) ≥
Note: All samples max peak value is not more than 20N/mm.

d. Straightness not more than 25mm

5. Technical Flow Process of industrial rubber nylon conveyor belt

EP Nylon Conveyor Belt

6.Advantages of nylon conveyor belt

Why can conveyor belts be widely used in all walks of life instead of manpower, because conveyor belt has the advantage that manpower can not reach. The conveyors belt has high efficiency and less error, which can save human and material resources for the enterprise. Compared with the traditional human material transportation, conveyors belts has more obvious advantages. Next, Huayue rubber will introduce to you the advantages of conveyor belt

1、 The high efficiency of conveyors belt, conveyor belt is an efficient handling equipment, which can completely replace human handling in some enterprises, and bring more benefits to enterprises. Help enterprises create more value in a shorter time.

2、 The conveyor belt has high carrying capacity, which can carry heavy goods, and heavy goods which can not be carried by manpower. The conveyor belt can solve this problem well. Moreover, the handling is more durable and can work stably for a long time.

3、 Less error. Conveyor belt can reduce all kinds of errors and accidents in manual handling, only a small number of people are required to take care of it.

4、 The conveyor belt has high safety. For example, some inflammable and explosive materials are very unsafe to be carried by human. Even if there is a danger, the use of conveyor belt will not endanger people's health and safety. It is the necessity of the times and the gospel of the enterprise that the conveyor belt can replace the human transportation. It has brought a lot of fast and convenient production for enterprises and better service for people.

5、 Rubber conveyor belt is the main part of belt conveyor, which plays the role of carrying materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, docks, mines and other industries. Compared with other transportation methods, using conveyor belt as transportation carrier is safe, convenient and easy to maintain.

 7.client feedback of rubber conveyor belts

EP Nylon Rubber Conveyor Belt

8.FAQs of conveyor belt

Q1. Are you a manufacturer of conveyor belt?

A. Yes, We are. We have been producing and selling conveyor belts since 1982.

Q2. Can you produce conveyor belt with my own brand?

A. Yes, we can.

Q3. What about the lead time of conveyor belt?

A. 1) 5~7 days for sample (free sample)

    2) 15~30 days according to order quantity.

Q4. How long is the warranty period of conveyor belt?

A. 1) 1~2+ years for general working conditions.

    2) 1 years for bad working conditions. 

Q5. How about payment terms of conveyor belt?

A. 1) We prefer T/T, 30% advance paid upon order, rest upon b/l copy, or

    2) Sight or deferred L/C, or

    3) Other payment terms approved.

Q6. How do you ensure product quality of conveyor belt?

A. 1) We have a R&D center of an independent design and developing capacity

    2) We an independent testing laboratory with full-property testing capacity of conveyor belt. We can test various materials, rubber, fabric, semi-finished product and finished product.

Q7.How to anti slip of  Conveyor Belt

The physical properties of conveyor belt are different, but in normal use, there are many problems of idler conveyor belt. One of the problems we often encounter is that it's easy to slip. What's the reason for the conveyor belt to slip? It involves the knowledge of friction. We know that when the conveyor belt is rolling normally, its belt speed is generally not less than 95% of the rotation speed of the idler. If the friction between the idler and the conveyor belt is not enough to maintain the balance, the conveyor belt will slip away from the idler, which is called belt slip. Some people want to ask how the friction between the idler and the conveyor belt is so small that it is not enough to support the force. There are many factors involved.

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that cause the insufficient friction between the conveyor belt and the idler. These factors are mainly: some are insufficient tension, some are insufficient load starting, and some are too small friction coefficient on the surface of the idler. For example, the roller often used, after a long time, the friction coefficient inside becomes larger and smoother, which is also an important performance of conveyor belt slip. If the discussion is more careful, let's first see why the tension between the conveyor belt and the idler is not enough? For example, the compactness of the two is too small to form an effective combination.

In engineering work, the conveyor belt bears too much conveying force and the object weight of the counterweight is too enough. If the length of the conveyor belt is long, it is also one of the reasons. The friction coefficient between idler and conveyor belt is not enough for other reasons, such as serious friction and wear on the surface of idler, some wet or oily liquid on the conveyor belt body, and the sticking of these materials on the surface of the belt body is also one of the difficulties.


Baoding Huayue Rubber Belts Co., Ltd started business by the items about producing rubber belts since 1982. It has been one of top 10 conveyor belts manufacturers and is the major factory of fabric conveyor belt in China.

Our company designs, manufactures and sells conveyor machinery, conveyor accessories (such as conveyor idlers/pulleys/brackets, etc).

It covers an area of about 180’666㎡ including building area 26’666㎡.There are more than 300 staffs in our company. Registered capital is 200 million CNY, and annual production capacity is 30 million square meters. It has a complete R&D center and Testing Center. Our main products include and more new steel cord conveyor belt, EP, Nylon conveyor belt, PVC PVG solid woven fire resistant conveyor belt. Anti-tear and fire resistant products, more than 200 subclass types and sizes.

 If you want more details about rubber conveyor belts, and our conveyor belt manufacturing procedure, inqure the products to view more!

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