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Fire Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt


1. Applications

Fire resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting non-corrosive, not sharp, lump, granular, powdery materials in flammable and explosive environment on the ground. It applies to power plant, coal mine, chemical industries.

2. Physical Properties of Rubber Cover (before ageing)

GradeTensile Strength/Mpa ≥Breaking Elongation/% ≥Abrasion Loss/mm3 
Note:Grade D-used for transporting highly abrasive materials.Grade L-used for transporting medium-abrasion materials.

After-ageing properties of rubber cover(70℃, 7days):

Tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not lower than 75% of before-ageing values.

3. Ply adhesion

ItemPly to plyRubber cover to ply
Rubber cover thickness ≤1.5mmRubber cover thickness >1.5mm
All samples average value/ (N/mm) ≥
All samples min peak value/ (N/mm) ≥
Note: All samples max peak value is not more than 20N/mm.

4. Full-thickness Tensile Properties

a、Longitudinal tensile strength, not less than the below table. (N/mm)

Nominal belt type160200250315400500630

b. Full thickness, longitudinal elongation at reference force, not more than 4%。

c. Straightness not more than 25mm

5. Safety property

ItemFire resistant grade
Duration of flameTotal value of flame duration of 3 samples with covers plus 3 samples without covers, not more than 45s. Any single value with covers not more than 15s, any single value without covers not more than 20s.Total value of flame duration of 6 samples with covers, not more than 45s, any single value not more than 15s.Average value of flame duration of 3 samples with covers, not more than 60s.
Static conductive properties≤ 3×108Ω
Reappearance of flamenot allowed in any sample

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