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DIN K Fire Resitant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt


Fire Resistant Belt

Fire Resistant belting solutions conveyed involve transport lines that are fabricated utilizing Nylon body/EP body material and comes completed through unrivaled and all around characterized forms including -Calendaring, Assembling, Vulcanizing and Other involved processes. 

The superior construction finish (like Power, Chemical, Light, Metallurgical & grain processing industries and Used under condition of flammable/explosive environment like above coal mines) provided in these belts make these suitable for conveying materials requiring flame resistant as well as static conductive belts in industry sectors


A main name in the field of assembling and trading heat proof transport lines 

Arrangements explicitly intended to keep fire from spreading over whole belt 

Belts sponsored by fire retardant properties 

Belts fulfilling different testing guidelines as per ISO like fire test, electrical opposition test, drum grating test 

Belts ideal for forestalling fire dangers in coal mineshafts 

Belts intended to lessen support necessities of transports that are inclined to harms by fire at impact heaters 

Belts discovering appropriateness in regions like mining industry, warm force plants, coal cleaning plants and others 

Standard Features: 

Prevalent elasticity 

Fire safe completion

Impervious to high warmth and wear 

Capacity to convey unrivaled execution under outrageous temperatures 

High scraped area opposition


DIN22131  Cover Grade K, fire resistant steel cord conveyor belt (flame resistant steel cord conveyor belt) is suitable for general uses, such as coal washing/coal cleaning plants on the ground, thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, mining industry. It should meet requirements of electrical and fire safety properties.

Production Flow 

DIN22131 Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

3. Physical Properties of Rubber Cover (before aging), DIN K

GradeTensile Strength/Mpa ≥Breaking Elongation/% ≥Abrasion Loss/mm3 
GB H24450120
GB D18400100
GB L15350200
DIN X25450120
DIN Y20400150
DIN K20400200

Note: Grade H-used for transporting sharp, abrasive materials which can damage belts badly.Grade D-used for transporting highly abrasive materials.Grade L-used for transporting medium-abrasion materials.

          Grade K-DIN 22131 (K grade)  is suitable for flame resistant steel cord conveyor belts.

After-aging properties of rubber cover(70℃×7d):

Tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not lower than 75% of before-aging values.

4. Safety Property

ItemFire resistant properties
Alcohol burner testAverage value of flame duration of 6 samples without covers, not more than 5s, any single value not more than 15s.
Anti-static testSurface resistance ≤ 3×108Ω

5. Adhesion

a. Adhesion between rubber cover and belt core: ≥12N/mm.

b. Adhesion of steel core (N/mm) 

Belt type630800100012501600200025002800315035004000450050005400
Before- aging, ≥6067.57582.590105123123136.5144148.5160.5178.5184.5
After- aging, ≥5057.56572.58095113113126.5134138.5150.5168.5174.5

6. Specification

Specification of steel cord conveyor belt

Belt typeST630ST800ST1000ST1250ST1600ST2000ST2500ST2800ST3150ST3500ST4000ST4500ST5000ST5400
Min. tensile strength (N/mm)630800100012501600200025002800315035004000450050005400
Max. diameter of steel cord (mm)
Min. breaking force of steel cord (kN)7.08.912.916.120.625.640.039.650.556.063.576.391.098.2
Steel cord pitch (mm)
Min. Top/Bottom cover thickness (mm)
Belt widthNumber of steel cord
Note: N/A (not available), because of troughability.

7. Packing & Shipping

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt General Use

8. FAQs

Q1. Are you a factory?

A. Yes, We are a factory with 38 year history.

Q2. Could you do OEM production?

A. Yes, we can.

Q3. What about the lead time?

A. 15~30 days according to order quantity.

Q4. What is the warranty period?

A. 3~5 years for general working conditions.

Q5. What is payment terms?

A. 1) T/T, 30% advance, 30% on b/l copy, or

    2) L/C at Sight or deferred, or

    3) Other payment terms approved.

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