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Heat & Acid-alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt


Heat & acid-alkali resistant conveyor belt (Heat/chemical resistant conveyor belt) is normally used for transporting heat & acid-alkali materials in such as paper mill, phosphate fertilizer, sea salt industries, cement Industries.

1. Flow Chart of Heat & Acid-alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt for Sale

Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

2. Heat Resistant Properties of Rubber Cover of Heat & Acid-alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt Price

Changing range allowed
HardnessDifference between before-aging and after-aging (IRHD)+20+20±20±20
Maximum value after aging (IRHD)85858585
Tensile strengthChange rate of property/ %-25-30-40-40
Minimum value after aging/ MPa121055
Breaking elongationChange rate after aging/ %-50-50-55-55
Minimum value after aging/ %200200180180

Physical properties of rubber cover (aging test, 70℃×96h)

ItemTensile strength/Mpa ≥Breaking elongation/% ≥Abrasion loss/mm3 ≤Hardness/(°)+10/-5
Before aging14.040025060
After aging12.0340-65

3. Acid-alkali Resistant Properties of Rubber Cover, Conveyor Belt Wholesaler

ClassSoak liquidConcentrationSoak conditions(℃×h)Change rate of properties before and after soaking
Volume expansion rateChange rate of tensile strength
A1Hydrochloric acid (HCl)18%50℃×96h≤+10%≥-10%
A2Sulfuric acid(H2SO4)50%50℃×96h≤+10%≥-10%
A3Sodium hydroxide(NaOH)48%50℃×96h≤+10%≥-10%

4. Full-thickness tensile propertiesa.

a. Full thickness, longitudinal tensile strength after-aging test reduces not lower than 30% of before-aging values.

b. Full thickness, longitudinal elongation at reference force, not more than 4%.

c. Longitudinal tensile strength, not less than the below table. (N/mm)

Nominal belt type160200250315400500630

5. Ply adhesion at normal temperature

ItemPly to plyRubber cover to ply
All samples average value/ (N/mm) ≥4.53.5
All samples min peak value/ (N/mm) ≥3.92.9

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