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Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt


Heat resistant EP conveyor belt (HR EP conveyor belt/temperature resistant conveyor belt) is suitable for transporting high temperature materials, 90 degree/100 degree/150 degree/175℃/200℃+, such as sintering ore, hot coke, cement clinker, hot casting, fertilizer materials, etc. The belts are used in steel plant, fertilizer plant, phosphate fertilizer factory. According to heat resistant grade of different working conditions, we use EPDM or SBR as cover rubber and use high-strength EP or cotton canvas as tension element.

1. Flow Chart of Heat Resistant Fabric Customized Conveyor Belt China Wholesaler

Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

2. Heat Resistant Grade of Heat Resistant China Conveyor Belting Exporter

Four grades divided according to different testing temperatures:

GradeTesting temperature(≤)

3. Physical Properties of Rubber Cover of Heat Resistant Fabric China Conveyor Belting Manufacturer

Changing range allowed
HardnessDifference between before-aging and after-aging (IRHD)+20+20±20±20
Maximum value after aging (IRHD)85858585
Tensile strengthChange rate of property/ %-25-30-40-40
Minimum value after aging/ MPa121055
Breaking elongationChange rate after aging/ %-50-50-55-55
Minimum value after aging/ %200200180180

4. Full-thickness tensile properties of Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belting Pricelist

a. Full thickness, longitudinal tensile strength after-aging test reduces not lower than 30% of before-aging values.

b. Full thickness, longitudinal elongation at reference force, not more than 4%.

c. Longitudinal tensile strength, not less than the below table. (N/mm)

Nominal belt type160200250315400500630

5. Ply adhesion at normal temperature of Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt Quotation

ItemPly to plyRubber cover to ply
All samples average value/ (N/mm) ≥4.53.5
All samples min peak value/ (N/mm) ≥3.92.9

6. Applications of Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

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