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Common Idler/Roller



Common idlers include flat carrying idlers, flat return idlers, trough idlers, transition idlers, etc. Idlers are used in these industries: steelworks, port, coal mine, power plant, cement mill, etc



-Easy installation and good flexibility

-Low friction coefficient

-Dust & water-proof

-Fine welding technique

-Electrostatic spraying technique

-Long service time


Pipe Dia(mm)Length Scope(mm)Shaft Dia(mm)Bearings Type (Min-Max)Pipe Thickness (mm)
7620;25204 205
8920;25204 2053.2mm-6.0mm
10220;25;30204 205 3053.5mm-6.0mm
10820;25;30204 205 305 306
11420;25;30205 206 305 306
12720;25;30204 205 305 306
13320;25;30205 206 207 305 306
14020;25;30205 206 207 305 306
15220;25;30205 206 207 305 306 307 3084.0mm-6.0mm
15920;25;30;40;45205 206 207 305 306 307 308
16520;25;30;40;45207 305 306 307 3084.5mm-6.0mm
177.820;25;30;40;45207 306 307308 309
190.720;25;30;40;45207 306 307308 309
19420;25;30;40;45207 307 308 309 310
21920;25;30;40;45308 309 310

Production Process


All the pipes are treated by sandblasting to clean rust in order to make pipe surface to be rough, easy for paint spraying.

-Pipe Cutting:

After the treatment, the pipes are cut into fixed length.

-End Boring:

It is a process to enlarge inner diameter of pipes. By using automatic double end boring machine, roller pipe can be treated coaxially to make sure perfect fit with bearing house.

-Bearing House Welding:

Two bearing houses are pressed into the pipe, and welded together with the pipe.

-Painting & Surface Treatment:

Electrostatic painting, or customized painting demands.

-Shaft Cutting: 

The shafts are cut into fixed length.

-Flat Milling: 

The shaft is treated at two ends, making into the flat ends.

-Final Assembling: 

The pipe and the shaft are press-fitted together with bearing, seal, seal cover, circlip, making into a steel tube conveyor roller with the automatic press assembling machine.



Conveyor rollers are packed with plastic cloth, or plywood box or as per your specific requirements.


Q: How long warranty for goods ?

A: All of our products have one year warranty. 

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: The MOQ is 50pcs, ans we can accept trial order to check the conveyor roller quality. 

Q:Can you provide a few free sample?

A: Yes, we can provide sample sample as your need. 

Q: What are the payment terms of your company?

A: T/T, L/C.

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