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Impact Idler/Roller



Impact idlers/rollers have different kind, they are rubber lined conveyor roller, rubber rings conveyor roller and rubber coated conveyor roller. About the impact rollers we also have many different size and also can make as customers requirement. Our impact conveyor rollers have good hardness and wear-resisting characteristics.



-Easy installation and good flexibility

-Low friction coefficient

-Dust & water-proof

-Fine welding technique

-Long service time



Pipe diameter /mmRoller Dia (mm)Length Scope (mm)Shaft Dia(mm)Bearings Type(Min-Max)Roller's Tube Thickness
6072150-250020; 25204We can make as your request
608920; 25204
768920; 25204 205
7610820; 25204 205
8910820; 25204 205 305
8913320.25204 205 305
8912720;25205 206 305
8915220; 25204 205 305
10813320; 25; 30205 206 305 306
10815920; 25; 30205 305 306
13315920; 25; 30.35205 206 207 305 306 307
13319420; 25; 30; 35205 206 207 305 306 307
8911620; 25207 305 306 307 308
8912020; 25204 205

Production Process


All the pipes are treated by sandblasting to clean rust in order to make pipe surface to be rough, easy for paint spraying.

-Pipe Cutting:

After the treatment, the pipes are cut into fixed length.

-End Boring:

It is a process to enlarge inner diameter of pipes. By using automatic double end boring machine, roller pipe can be treated coaxially to make sure perfect fit with bearing house.

-Bearing House Welding:

Two bearing houses are pressed into the pipe, and welded together with the pipe.

-Rubber Making:

As cutomers requirement we will make rubber lined, rubber rings or rubber coated on the pipe.

-Shaft Cutting: 

The shafts are cut into fixed length.

-Flat Milling: 

The shaft is treated at two ends, making into the flat ends.

-Final Assembling: 

The pipe and the shaft are press-fitted together with bearing, seal, seal cover, circlip, making into a steel tube conveyor roller with the automatic press assembling machine.



Conveyor rollers are packed with plastic cloth, or plywood box or as per your specific requirements.



Q: How long warranty for goods ?

A: All of our products have one year warranty. 

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: The MOQ is 50pcs, ans we can accept trial order to check the conveyor roller quality. 

Q:Can you provide a few free sample?

A: Yes, we can provide sample sample as your need. 

Q: What are the payment terms of your company?

A: T/T, L/C.

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