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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

Jan. 13, 2022

When the ambient temperature falls below -0°C, both multi-layer fabric conveyor belts and steel cord fabric structured conveyor belts begin to lose their flexibility. As the temperature continues to drop, the covering rubber will continue to lose its flexibility and resistance to abrasion, impact and cutting. The belt will also become too hard to pass through or around the pulleys and pulleys, which will eventually lead to rubber rupture inside the rubber cover and carcass.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cold resistant conveyor belts in China, Huayue offers cold resistant conveyor belts for operating temperatures below - 40 °C. Due to the special rubber compound used for the cover layer, the belt has extremely low wear and tear, ensuring a high cost performance ratio.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt


Cold resistant conveyor belt materials

Cold-resistant conveyor belts are made of fabric (EP canvas, nylon canvas) or steel cord as the carcass material, and their cover rubber is a mixture of natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR), which has the advantage of high cold resistance. elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance. It can work at -60°C.


In addition, the thickness of the rubber on the top and bottom of the belt helps to protect the service life of the belt.



✱Excellent cold resistance

✱High elasticity at low temperatures

✱Excellent shock resistance

✱ Suitable for conveying all types of materials at extreme temperatures


✱ Aggregate plants

Surface mining

✱Lignite and hard rock mining


✱Port operations

✱ Power plants

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt factory


Our cold-resistant conveyor belts can be classified into three grades depending on the characteristics of the cover, including tear-resistant (H), abrasion-resistant (D), and normal (L).


Depending on the cold resistance, they can be divided into two types, C1 type and C2 type.

C1 - Working temperature: -45~+50℃

C2 - Working temperature: -60~+50℃

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