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Conveyor belt solutions for all kinds of mining tasks

Dec. 08, 2021

We offer a wide range of conveyor belts and related products, long experience, comprehensive technical and project management expertise, and technical solutions for all conveying problems.


Excellent heat and cold resistant conveyor belts

Huayue offers a wide range of conveyor belts with rubber compounds that can be used at very low or very high temperatures, for example to convey hot ash at temperatures up to 220°C, to convey oil or sand, or to convey raw materials at temperatures down to -60°C. For high heat applications, Huayue's conveyor belts feature heat resistant rubber compounds, basalt or glass layers and/or innovative insulating heat control layers within the top cover. These conveyor belts show good resistance to high heat bulk materials. The heat resistant conveyor belts have a combination of fabric and steel cord carcasses, representing the "middle" level of fabric and steel cord conveyor belts.

Conveyor belt


Extreme temperatures

Conveying bulk materials at temperatures up to +800°C or in environments with temperatures down to -60°C puts people and machines under enormous stress. This is where maximum temperature resistance is required to ensure that materials, such as iron ore pellets, do not burn through the belt for long periods of operation.


Cracks and breakthroughs caused by impacts

Short and medium distance belt conveyors in surface mining, as well as high-speed conveyor belts used in heavy mining machinery, are often subjected to particular pressure from coarse and sharp-edged bulk materials. This heavy impact can cause tears and cuts in the conveyor belt, resulting in tedious downtime to make necessary repairs.



Burning must be avoided in open pit and underground mines, not only to save human lives but also to prevent production stoppages and thus protect investments. This is where flame-resistant equipment and fire suppression features are needed.


Fire Resistant and Self Extinguishing Conveyor Belts

Huayue has developed, tested, certified, and successfully applied fire-resistant and self-extinguishing conveyor belts. In the event that these belts do catch fire, they prevent the spread of fire along the belt. This not only protects the investment but most importantly, protects human lives. Huayue's rubber composite conveyor belts meet the standards of most countries.


Long distance transportation

In horizontal long distance (>1000m) belt conveyors, the indentation rolling resistance (IRR) accounts for 50% to 70% of the total resistance to movement. In order to save energy and reduce installation, maintenance and logistics costs, this resistance must be reduced as much as possible. What is needed is an energy-efficient long-distance belt conveyor system with lighter and more economical belts, smaller drive pulleys, steel construction or a reduced number of drives.


Reinforced Cut and Planing Resistant Conveyor Belts

Huayue has a variety of fabric, aramid, and steel cord reinforcements (breakers) that can be installed on the top cover (load side) of the conveyor belt. Provides the most cost effective protection against cut damage, carcass damage, and longitudinal belt tears for short and medium distance conveyor belts or for belts used in heavy mining machinery at speeds up to 12 m/s.

underground mining


Underground mining

Since underground mining does not allow for errors, underground conveyor belts must meet particularly stringent national and international standards. This is where the issue of fire protection and fire suppression is particularly important.


Huayue offers a wide range of special underground single or double layer conveyor belts (such as standard PVG and PVC belts), single or double layer fabric conveyor belts, which use various fabric bodies such as EP, E/P-P, EP-B-PB. All of these belts are manufactured with self-extinguishing rubber compounds and comply with strict national and international underground conveyor belt standards. With excellent groove pattern as well as impact and cut resistance, and meet the necessary stringent requirements in terms of splice strength of removable fasteners.

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