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How to solve the problems of Conveyor Belts in use?

Nov. 28, 2019

In many enterprises' assembly line production, conveyor belts are used for operations. Therefore, during the use of conveyor belts, relevant maintenance work must be done, regular inspections should be performed, and problems should be handled in time. So how to solve the ditch edge problem during use?

Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber Conveyor Belts

When there is a gully problem in the Rubber Conveyor Belts, we should find the root cause. There are two main reasons for this problem. One is the formula and the other is the process.

1. Formulation problem in conveying place

It refers to the formula of the edge rubber, which has poor fluidity and cannot be co-vulcanized with the gluing and covering rubber; let alone the process; refers to the forming process of the conveyor belt blank, the side of the belt blank is not uniform, and the upper rubber process has not been done as required There is a gap between the edge rubber and the strip blank, causing the above problems.

2. Vulcanization process of conveyor belt

If there is no problem in the above two aspects, in the vulcanization process, the groove width and compression ratio mastery (familiar and applicable) is not suitable, and the phenomenon of side grooves and side rubber vacancies will also occur.

3. Conveyor belt edge rubber problem

① The edge rubber is not good, and the compression ratio is too small, which is caused by a lack of material.

② After the edge glue is not applied well, silicone oil penetrates to form a separation interface.

The above is the solution to the problem when the conveyor belt has a side ditch problem during use. I hope that the content of this article will help you. For more information about conveyor belts, please follow our website to continue to understand. If you want to buy conveyor belt products, please call us and we will provide you with quality products and services.

As an important part of the conveyor, the conveyor belt has a certain amount of friction with the conveyor rollers and logistics during operation. If the frictional resistance is not correct, it will accelerate the wear of the conveyor belt and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. The following Rubber Conveyor Belts Manufacturer will take a detailed look at the common wear parts of conveyor belts.

1. The friction between the frame and the conveyor belt, when the conveyor belt is defective due to the manufacture, installation, use of the conveyor, etc., the deviation will occur. When the deviation is too much, the conveyor belt will contact the roller bracket and the frame. It causes wear of the edge rubber and even flanges the conveyor belt.

2. The friction between the baffle of the material guide groove and the conveyor belt and the abrasion of the baffle on the conveyor belt is a special type of wear. For example, if the design method of the baffle is improved and attention is paid to maintenance, such abrasion can be almost prevented.

3. The friction between the idler roller and the conveyor belt, the lower cover rubber of the conveyor belt is also subject to the friction of the self-aligning idler roller and the forward inclined slotted idler roller, the transition between the slotted idler roller and the roller and the curved protrusion of the conveyor Wear is everywhere.

4. The friction between the cleaner and the conveyor belt, the wear of the cleaner on the conveyor belt is usually uniform, but when the harder steel plate is used as the cleaning plate, the rubber other than dirt will be cut off if used improperly When foreign matter between the cleaner tip and the conveyor belt enters, deep scars will also be marked on the entire length of the conveyor belt.

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