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How to Increase the Service Life of Heat-Resistant Conveyor Belts?

Sep. 08, 2020

As a Fabric Conveyor Belt Manufacturer, share with you. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is necessary in the whole process of transportation of all coal mines. This key function is fully utilized in the application. Conveying machinery and equipment are combined with belt conveyors and buffer roller products to develop applications. During the whole transportation process To give full play to a relatively large effect, it is very resistant to subtropics and can be used in coal mines, but other conveying machinery and equipment cannot.

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt?

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

1. The relationship between the diameter of the transmission roller of the conveyor belt and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, the supporting facilities of the transmission roller and the reversing roller and the regulations on the groove angle of the buffer idler should be effectively selected according to the requirements of the design scheme of the transport aircraft.

2. The feeding direction should follow the operating direction of the conveyor belt. In order to reduce the impact of the raw materials on the conveyor belt when the raw materials fall, the flow trough should be adopted to reduce the undulating distance of the raw materials; the conveyor belt receiving section should reduce the buffer idler interval and use the buffer buffer support The roller is overflow material, and the conveyor belt is suitable for selecting a soft and appropriate baffle plate to prevent the baffle plate from being solid and scratching the nylon conveyor belt surface of the conveyor belt.

3. Avoid load starting of conveyor belt.

4. As the conveyor belt deviates from the direction, certain effective measures should be taken to correct it immediately.

5. Conveyor belts of different types, specifications, and number of superimposed layers are not suitable for connecting together, and it is best to use glue wiring for their connectors.

6. The type, structure, specifications and number of layers of the conveyor belt should be effectively adopted according to the application standards.

7. The operating speed of the conveyor belt is generally not suitable for more than 2.5m/s. The raw materials with large lumpiness and abrasion and the unmoving equipment using fixed pears should be as low as possible.

8. When the belt conveyor is in use, if there is a lack of buffer rollers, they should be added and repaired immediately; the buffer rollers are covered by raw materials, resulting in insensitive rotation, and avoid overflow from being stuck between the drum and the tape. Pay attention to the conveyor belt Part of the theme activity is moisturized, but the conveyor belt should not be greased.

9. Prevent the conveyor belt from being blocked by the sound card frame, support or small pieces of raw materials, to avoid scratches, and when part of the conveyor belt is found to be damaged, use artificial cotton cloth to repair it immediately to prevent expansion.

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