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Daily Maintenance of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Jul. 16, 2019

(1) According to the running condition of the tape, adjust in time to prevent the tape from being deflected and the edge of the tape is intensified, and the upper and lower covers are damaged, causing the wire rope to be exposed and falling off.

(2) Strengthen the technical management of the tape and regularly replace the Fire Resistant Steel Cord Belt over the period of use.

(3) If the adhesive tape on the tape, the cover rubber fall off, and the wire rope and other defects are partially exposed, the cold bond or vulcanization heat should be applied in time.

(4) The vulcanized joint is a weak link in the tape, and its damage is related to the vulcanization process, materials, and use environment. The seam opening is initially characterized by cracking of the surface rubber. Water is immersed in the steel wire rope through the gap of the core rubber, causing corrosion, broken wire, twitching, etc. of the steel wire rope. The joint elongation change and surface abnormality should be checked regularly to do preventive inspection work.

(5) Clear the surface of the drive roller in time to prevent the joint from being uneven due to the irregular shape of the drum surface, and the bubbling, wire rope twitching, and the elongation of the vulcanized joint may affect the strength of the joint.

(6) The roller that is in contact with the working surface of the Anti-Tear Conveyor Belt must be equipped with a scraper or other cleaning device to remove the adhesive on the surface of the roller and the adhesive of the lower roller.

(7) Do a good job in daily maintenance management, replace damaged roller in time, and prevent the vertical tearing accident.

Anti-Tear Conveyor Belt

(8) Scraper and deflector should be installed in front of the tail roller to prevent falling coal and debris from entering between the tape and the roller.

(9) The height of the loading point chute should be appropriately selected according to the material and the maximum block size, so as to reduce the drop of the chute as much as possible and reduce the impact of the material on the vulcanized joint.

(10) The full hydraulic automatic tensioning device is used to improve the dynamic characteristics during starting so that the Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt can be started smoothly, and the impact dynamic stress on the vulcanized joint is reduced.

(11) According to the partial blanking condition of the tape, different repairing methods such as cold-filling, vulcanization, and filling of the steel wire rope should be selected to keep the surface of the tape intact.

(12) Strengthen the technical monitoring and management of the vulcanized joints, and take the responsibility to the daily inspection of the person and the X-ray and other periodic inspection methods to repair the defective vulcanized joints in time.

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