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Ordinary Conveyor Belt Repair Method

Apr. 09, 2019

The repair of the ordinary conveyor belt is very different from the repair of the steel wire conveyor belt, mainly because the structure of the two is different, and the repairing process is different. As a PVG Conveyor Belt Manufacturer, let's talk about the repair of ordinary conveyor belts;

1. Ordinary conveying requires two kinds of cases to be cemented. One of them is damaged. The belt can not be used normally due to long use time or failure; the second is the new belt with normal cementation. If the belt is damaged, replace it with a new one and there is no need to repair it.

2. Repair method: can be cold sticky or hot sticky (and vulcanized)

This article does not discuss the problem of cold sticking, because the steps are basically the same as the vulcanization, but only whether or not the vulcanizer is used.

In addition, if the belt is damaged, it is recommended to disconnect the vulcanization interface to ensure normal production.

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