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How To Prevent Damage To Mining Conveyor Belts

Mar. 12, 2019

As a Fire Resistant Steel Cord Belt Factory, we use the Fire Resistant Steel Cord Belt as an example to introduce the mining belt to prevent damage. These precautions include:

Fire Resistant Steel Cord Belt

1. Replace the unloading hoppers of all coal feeder discharge ports and tilt them at a certain angle. Add cushioning parts to the lower part of the coal feeder. The large coal gangue is no longer directly on the conveyor belt, reducing its impact on the conveyor belt.

2. Extend all the coal guiding point guide trough and the conveyor belt leather, and add a 3~5m net type guide net. After the large coal shovel falls, it will be blocked by the net to move forward along the running direction of the conveyor belt. Do not get stuck or fall between the roller frame and the return conveyor belt.

3. Weld several reinforcing brackets on the roller frame, and each welding joint uses repair welding to increase the strength of the roller frame; add a hook shackle above the notch of the mounting roller to fix the roller so that the roller will not be Your majesty.

4. Increase the density of the roller frame at the lowest point of the roadway where all the belt conveyors are placed, that is, add 2 roller frames between each roller frame to reduce the span of the roller frame and conveyor belt transportation. The coal gang does not hang down in the overhead of the roller through the low shovel.

5. Make 4 U-rings, fix the 4 corners of the tensioning trolley on the rails, prevent them from jumping up and down and swinging left and right to avoid the lanes, but do not hinder the movement of the front and rear, which does not affect the adjustment of the conveyor belt according to the working conditions. Tightening does not affect the normal operation of the tensioning device.

6. Strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the conveyor safety protection device to ensure that the various protection devices are sensitive and reliable, so that the belt conveyor will not operate in an unprotected state for a long time.

Through the above rectification, the probability of damage to the conveyor belt can be reduced from 56.4% to 13.1%, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency.

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