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Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt


1. Applications of Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belting Maker

Oil resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting oily materials, such as cereal, grains, corn, fish, meat, soybean cake, or used in environment exposed to working oil. We select  NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), or NBR + NR (natural rubber), as belt covers. NBR, NR has a high content of acrylonitrile with excellent oil resistant property.

2. Production Technical Flow of Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt in Stock

Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

3. Physical properties of rubber cover of Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt China Manufacturer

a. Physical properties of rubber cover

TypeTensile Strength/ MPaBreaking elongation/ %Abrasion loss/ mm3
Note:LO-used in general oily working conditions.DO-used in high abrasion & oily working conditions.

After-aging properties of rubber cover(70℃×168h):

Change rate of tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not more than 25% of before-aging values.

b. Oil resistant properties of rubber cover

Serial numberTest conditions of soak liquidVolume change rate/% ≤
Oil number in GB/T1690Soak temperature/℃Soak time/hLODO
1#2 oil70±270+0/-1+20-5
2#3 oil70±270+0/-1+50+5
3#3 oil100±222±0.25+50+5
Note:You only need to choose one of the above three methods.

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