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Drive Pulley


Kinds of drive pulley for belt conveyor is used with electric motor to drive the belt to moving.


1. Characteristics of Drive Pulley

a. Steady running, reliable quality and reduce maintenance;

b.Less movement longitudinally, rotating smoothly, extends the life span;

c.Various bearing housing and sealing structure are available for the customers choice;

d.Multipass labyrinthine sealing, preventing the mixed dirt and water immersed;

e.Manufacturing by steel pipe specially for of high precision roller, ensuring the strong load, low shaking and less noise.


2. Components of Drive Pulley

a. High quality raw material: Q235 / Q 245 / Mn steel plate.

b. Bearing: LYC, HRB, NTN, etc.

c. Long service life (about 8 years).

d. It can work in the dusty, wet, muddy or other harsh environments.

e. Welding: Mixed gas TIG.

f. Surface: painting or rubber coated.

g. Lubrication: Lithium grease, rust inhibitor.

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